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Concert Schedule

  • 10/July/2016 The 389th concert
    Rossini "William Tell" Overture
    Shumann"Concertostuck for 4solo horns"
    Prokofiev"Symphony No.5 "

  • 10/Oct/2016 ICHIKYO STRINGS
    Bach"Brandenburg concerto No.3"etc

  • 29/Oct/2016 ICHIKYO WINDS
    R.Strauss "Suit B-dur op.4"etc

  • 11/Dec/2016 The 392th concert
    Weber "Der Freischutz" Overture
    Schubert"Symphony No.8(Unfinished)"
    Beethoven "Symphony No.6(Pastorale)"


Ichikawa Symphony Orchestra
We are an orchestra that regularly performs in Ichikawa city, in the Chiba Prefecture of Japan.
Ichikawa city is located on the east side of Tokyo Metropolis.
Edogawa River flows in between Ichikawa city, the Chiba Prefecture, and Tokyo Metropolis.
The Ichikawa Symphony Orchestra, established in 1951, is one of famous amateur orchestras of Japan.
Currently, we have about 90 members.
A few of the members are professional players, while the others are housewives, office workers, teachers, and doctors, who play as a hobby.
We practice together every Saturday Night.
The orchestra has regular concerts in July and December, every year at the Ichikawa City Cultural Hall.
These concerts are all admission free for Ichikawa city citizens.
The Ichikawa Symphony Orchestra has many supporters.
City authorities provide us with the use of a free concerto hall.
An annual membership fee of 5000yen will be donated to us as a fund from many of the citizens.
We also receive monetary assistance from a few companies that understand our musical activities.

Ichikawa Symphony Orchestra Chief Director:Yu Tokita

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